Normally I tend to write about programming topics but since I was asked to leave a review for Dollar / Thrifty car hire in Gran Canaria I thought I'd write it publicly rather than just send it to them. This review was written on 2019-01-18 despite how the post's tagging reads...

The car we were assigned was significantly smaller in boot capacity than the one advertised. The advertised model was a Vauxhall Zafira (645 litres) and we received a Ford C Max (432 litres, from first Google links).

We needed a car seat for our toddler (about 16kg). The one we found in the parking bay way left in a puddle so the lower fabric was wet with the grime of the car park. The fabric generally looked worn from many years of use and adjusted poorly. I asked to change the seat. The surly woman seemed put out by being asked to change it, actually rolling her eyes at the request. All of the other seats in her store room seem in equal or worse state so we had to opt for the initial seat. The seat's straps were not of equal length on my son's shoulders so it felt unsafe but it was late and we had no choice but to leave with this seat in use.

On return to the airport I saw (local brand) Cicar's seats set out ready for their customers. They seemed pristine and even had the company's logo smartly stitched to the side of the seat with the manufacturer's logo. Next time I will hire with them.