After working locally on a Django website I had been building, which included features from the admin site, I began trying to upload the work to Webfaction to get the site live. I followed Webfaction's video which explains nearly all of the process. The tutorial they used took a checked-out version of pastebin which they installed. Following the process to the letter, I couldn't get my app (which closely resembled something you might have at the end of the Django tutorial) I still couldn't get the site to work, getting an error:

ImportError at /
No module named bookings.models

Webfaction's tutorial was very nearly complete. The one other thing I needed to do (as the error messages indicate) was to add the components of the app to my Python Path in the WSGI file you create in the videocast:

import os import sys from django.core.handlers.wsgi import WSGIHandler os.environ['DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE'] = 'digibookings.settings'

sys.path.append('/home/noelevans/webapps/digibookings') sys.path.append('/home/noelevans/webapps/digibookings/digibookings') sys.path.append('/home/noelevans/webapps/digibookings/digibookings/bookings') 
application = WSGIHandler()

Note the application I installed using the web interface of Webfaction is digibookings - the same as the Django project I created. Within that, I had a single app "bookings" which contained a, etc.